Fortelegal Partners is a fully integrated, progressive and professional business law practice focused on providing creative, quality and real time solutions to the legal needs of our clients. Our legal services are geared towards creating value for both public and private sector clients involved in corporate, commercial, financial and other transactions. The firm has provided, and is currently providing, both legal advisory/litigation services to corporate clients in a number of states of the Federation and has also built up a network of contacts in government at all levels across the country. The firm’s offices are equipped with up-to-date equipment and are thus technologically driven. This assures that we continue to strive to guarantee the quality and technical input of our services.


What powers us is the need to distinguish ourselves we are therefore totally committed and proud to entrench


Client satisfaction


as our key driving factors.


As a mark of our commitment to ensuring we are up to speed on our knowledge base and skill capacity we carry out a number of in house training and performance evaluation sessions. These, are also in conjunction with seminars, workshops and international conferences whose attendance schedules we strictly adhere to.

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